Great White Shark

Great White Shark

Great white sharks are at present killed in both Queensland and New South Wales in “shark management” programs. Queensland uses shark nets and drum traces with baited hooks, while New South Wales only uses nets. From 1962 to 2018, Queensland authorities killed about 50,000 sharks, a lot of which had been nice whites. From 2013 to 2014 alone, 667 sharks have been killed by Queensland authorities, together with nice white sharks.

Contrary to well-liked perception, great white sharks do not mistake people for seals. Many chew incidents occur in waters with low visibility or different conditions which impair the shark’s senses. The species appears to not just like the taste of people, or no less than finds the style unfamiliar. Further analysis exhibits that they will tell in one chew whether or not or not the object is value predating upon.

Shark Chunk Incidents

According to a current study, California great whites have migrated to an area between Baja California Peninsula and Hawaii known as the White Shark Café to spend a minimum of a hundred days before migrating again to Baja. On the journey out, they swim slowly and dive down to around 900 m . After they arrive, they modify behaviour and do quick dives to about 300 m for as much as ten minutes.

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The scientific genus name Carcharodon literally means “jagged tooth”, a reference to the large serrations that seem in the shark’s teeth. Broken down, it’s a portmanteau of two Ancient Greek words. The prefix carchar- is derived from καρχαρίας (kárkharos), which means “jagged” or “sharp”. The suffix -odon is a romanization of ὀδών (odṓn), a which translates to “tooth”.

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